Gibbons, Daniel, Au.D.

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3661 S. Miami Ave, #409, Miami, FL 33133

Doctor Daniel Gibbons, Doctor of Audiology, received his Bachelor of Science degree in Hearing and Speech and Language Science from Southern Connecticut State University and his Doctoral Degree in Audiology from Salus University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Dr. Gibbons holds a Florida State License in Audiology and Hearing Aid Dispensing. He is a fellow of the American Academy of Audiology and the Academy of Doctors of Audiology. He is certified to recommend and fit all levels of amplification.

Dr. Daniel Gibbons has dedicated his life’s work to meeting the hearing health care needs of all ages. He has a strong interest in treating the adult population with hearing loss. Dr. Gibbons brings a passion and commitment to hearing health care that extends beyond the technology. Patient satisfaction with hearing instruments that fit their lifestyle is his top priority.

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3661 S. Miami Ave, #409, Miami, FL 33133
Phone: 305-854-5971
Fax: 305-858-6654


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