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How the Baha System works

The Baha System is implanted in the temporal bone, just behind the ear, under local anesthesia. Once in place, it will eventually fuse with the temporal bone so sound can transmit directly through the structure.

The system converts sound waves into vibrations, which the implant and the abutment carry to the bony portion of the skull. From there, the vibrations are taken to the inner ear and converted to nerve impulses, before being sent to the brain via the auditory nerve.

Benefits of BAHA

  • Enhanced sound quality when compared to hearing aids
  • Optimal hearing even in noisy environments
  • Discreet, cosmetically-appealing solution
  • Comfortable device

More convenient features than ever before

With BAHA, you can stream sound directly from your iPhone or iPad. Plus, completely wireless accessories are available, so you can hear clearly and conveniently no matter where you are.

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Is Baha right for you?

Because of the countless benefits associated with the Baha System, many SFENTA™ patients are interested in the devices. In general, the system may be your ideal solution if you:

  • Are deaf in one ear
  • Experience ear drainage
  • Cannot hear loudly or clearly enough with hearing aids
  • Have sore, irritated ears due to hearing aids
  • Have malformed ears or ear canals
  • Experience sudden hearing loss
  • Suffer from acoustic neuroma, Meniere’s disease and chronic infections

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For patients who want a discreet, low-maintenance way to hear better than ever, the Baha System just may be an ideal solution. Contact SFENTA™ today to learn more about these devices and discover if they are right for you.

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