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Jose Alonso MD

Dr. Alonso graduated Cum Laude from UCLA. He subsequently obtained his medical degree at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. Following this he completed his internship and residency in Otolaryngology - Head & Neck surgery at the #2 ranked Department by U.S. News & World Report, Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles, California.

Dr. Alonso takes an evidence-based approach providing high quality medical care to his patients. He has published over 20 research articles in highly esteemed Otolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery journals. Furthermore, he has given numerous oral and poster presentations at national and regional conferences hosted by the Academy of Otolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery, among others.

 His practice encompasses adult and pediatric Otolaryngology, with a focus on nose and paranasal sinus conditions, head and neck tumors, and voice, swallow, and airway disorders. He is fluent in English and Spanish and is passionate about providing guidance to his patients to help them make informed decisions about their care.


General ENT, Ear, Hearing, Sinus, Head & Neck, Voice & Swallowing, Sleep and Facial plastic surgery


inglés y español

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Philosophy of care

Dr. Alonso is dedicated to creating an individualized treatment plan for each patient. This is achieved using a shared decision-making approach, in which a patient selects a treatment plan that aligns with their personal health goals. His compassion, exceptional skills, and scope of knowledge makes him a valued and respected member of the talented SFENTA team.

Scope of practice

Dr. Alonso offers exceptional care in a wide range of services, including but not limited to:

  • Hearing: Ear Hygiene and Wax Removal, Ear Tubes, Repair of Eardrum Perforation, Surgery to Repair Hearing, Surgical Treatment of Chronic Ear Infections, Hearing Loss, Ear Infections, Dizziness, Complicated Ear Disorders, Hearing Testing
  • Allergy: Allergy Shots, Allergy Testing
  • Sinus: Surgery for Nasal Polyps and Chronic Sinusitis, Septoplasty Deviated Septum Surgery, Nasal Turbinate Reduction, Nasal Fractures, Deviated Nasal Septum, Congestion (Nasal Blockage), Nasal Drainage, Sinus Infections, Loss of Sense of Taste and Smell, Balloon Sinuplasty
  • Head and neck: Thyroid Surgery, Parathyroid Surgery, Salivary Gland Surgery, Head and Neck Cancer Evaluation and Surgery, Tonsillectomy, Adenoidectomy, Thyroid Masses, Neck Masses, Salivary Glands Masses, Head and Neck Cancers Evaluation and Treatment, Enlarged Lymph Nodes, Abnormal Parathyroid Glands, Chronic Tonsils and Adenoid Infections, Endoscopic Inspection of the Throat and Voice Box (Flexible laryngoscopy)
  • Voice and swallowing: Vocal Cord Tumors, Vocal Tremors and Spasms, Acid Reflux, Hoarseness, Difficulty Swallowing, Vocal Cord Nodules and Polyps, Vocal Cord and Voice Examination
  • Sleep issues: Evaluation of Snoring and Sleep Apnea
  • Facial plastic surgery: Nose (Rhinoplasty, Revision Rhinoplasty, Ethnic Rhinoplasty, BOTOX injections
Background media


  • Otolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery Residency, Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, 2022
  • General Surgery Internship, Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, 2018
  • David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, 2017


  • Triological Society – Head & Neck Surgery First Place Poster Award
  • Carlos Canseco González Award
  • Letter of Distinction – Surgery
  • Letter of Distinction – Obstetrics & Gynecology
  • Kaiser Permanente – Oliver Goldsmith Award

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