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Please join us in welcoming Jose Alonso, MD to our team of dedicated providers. Dr. Alonso is dedicated to patient-centric healthcare and is driven by a personalized decision-making approach to each case. Listen to this episode of our audio blog to learn more about him and his focus areas of care.

Shelby Stockton: (00:00)
Welcome to the South Florida ENT audio blog. I'm Shelby Stockton, and today I welcome otolaryngologist, Dr. Jose Alonso to the South Florida ENT team. He tells me why he decided to pursue otolaryngology and explains his patient care philosophy. We also discussed why he loves being a doctor and his excitement to move to Florida from California to start another chapter in his professional career.

Shelby Stockton: (00:25)
Dr. Alonso, thanks for taking time out of your day to spend some time with me.

Dr. Alonso: (00:30)
Oh, thank you for having me today. It's a pleasure.

Shelby Stockton: (00:33)
Yes, I just want to ask you a few questions to welcome you to South Florida ENT and let our patients get to know you better. Why did you decide to become an otolaryngologist?

Dr. Alonso: (00:45)
Well, that decision started early on, and it probably originated in medical school. I was first exposed to otolaryngology-head and neck surgery then. At that time I found the anatomy, physiology and pathology that affected the head and neck quite interesting and complex. But more importantly, I learned how one's hearing, breathing, voice, swallowing, when they're threatened by disease, I learned how the impact that an otolaryngologist-head and neck surgeon has in improving quality of life of patients as well, and allowed me to decide on this specialty.

Shelby Stockton: (01:22)
Oh great. What is your patient care philosophy?

Dr. Alonso: (01:27)
My patient care philosophy entails a shared decision making approach, one in which a dialogue between the physician and patient is held about their treatment options and the associated risks and benefits of each option. And ultimately a treatment plan is jointly created and aligns with the patient's wishes regarding their illness.

Shelby Stockton: (01:49)
So what is your focus area of care?

Dr. Alonso: (01:56)
So I do general otolaryngology, which encompasses essentially disease processes that affect the entire head and neck. Specific areas that I've gravitated to during my training were disorders affecting the sinunasal region, whether it be chronic sinusitis, nasal obstruction, nasal valve collapse to laryngology, which are diseases that affect the voice, the airway and swallowing, and even hearing disorders such as hearing loss and vertigo.

Shelby Stockton: (02:32)
Interesting. What's your favorite part about being a doctor?

Dr. Alonso: (02:39)
Well, I would say the best thing and the most fun aspect about being a doctor is essentially partaking in this relationship with the patient where the patient entirely trusts you and your ability to heal them or make their quality of life better. And I found that otolaryngology-head and neck surgery had that potential during training and even in medical school. And so what's fun is being able to use my bare hands doing a surgery and making someone's breathing better, someone's voice better, or even allowing them to hear much better than they did before their operation.

Shelby Stockton: (03:24)
Yeah, that must be satisfying helping people in that way, of course. So what excites you about joining South Florida ENT Associates?

Dr. Alonso: (03:35)
Well, I would say what's exciting is that it's a completely new setting for me. Specifically, I was born and raised in Los Angeles and I've been here my entire life. So it's my very first time living outside of California in sunny Florida. And what I liked and what drew me to Florida was that there's a need for otolaryngologists in the Miami area. But more importantly, I very much enjoy treating patients from Spanish backgrounds because it reminds me of where I grew up being a provider in a largely Spanish speaking population. So I would say those reasons together are what excite me to going to South Florida.

Shelby Stockton:  (04:22)
You're trading one sunny climate for another sunny climate.

Dr. Alonso: (04:25)
Yeah, exactly.

Shelby Stockton: (04:29)
Well, I just want to thank you for taking time out of your day. I know you're busy, but thanks for letting us get to know you a little bit better.

Dr. Alonso: (04:37)
No, thank you very much for reaching out and allowing me to join your team and start a new career here.

Shelby Stockton: (04:46)
We're excited about it.

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