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Benefits of Cochlear Implants

  • Have conversations in noisy, crowded environments
  • Listen to music, watch TV and talk on the telephone with ease
  • Understand speech without lip-reading
  • Hear speech at a nearly normal level
  • Pick up different types of sounds
  • Better control your voice

How do Cochlear Implants work?

To hear normally, tiny hair cells in the cochlear send vibrations of sound to the brain via the auditory nerve. When sensorineural hearing loss occurs, the tiny hair cells are damaged and cannot perform this function. A cochlear implant bypasses these cells and sends sound signals directly to the auditory nerve, restoring your ability to hear clearly.

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What to expect in Surgery

A cochlear implant is composed of two parts: a receiver-stimulator and speech processor. During surgery, your doctor will create a small incision behind your ear. Through that opening, he or she will place the receiver and connect it to electrodes in the cochlea.

Once you have healed from the procedure, your doctor will fit your speech processor. This is essentially a microphone that is worn behind the ear. It will pick up and change sounds into electric impulses, which will be sent to the receiver-stimulator. The receiver will then send the signals to the electrodes in the cochlea, which will stimulate the auditory nerve. From there, the signals will be carried to the brain, where you will recognize them as sound.

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