Snoring is a common condition that many adults experience. Snoring can also be a symptom of a sleep disorder known as sleep apnea. Sleep apnea causes patients to stop breathing for brief moments throughout the night. This condition can be dangerous if left untreated, as it stops the brain and other areas of the body from receiving oxygen.

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Sleep Apnea Testing

A sleep apnea test, also called a “polysomnogram” or “sleep study”, is done in several steps. The first step will be connecting you to a medical device to help the providers understand what is occurring in your body while you sleep. This is done by placing electrodes on your face and scalp. These will record specific signals from your brain as well as your muscle activity while you are asleep. 

After this, you will be asked to sleep. Once you wake up, one of our highly-trained sleep specialists will examine the test results to determine if you have sleep apnea. The test may also be able to identify other sleeping disorders.

Conditions a Sleep Study Can Benefit

The primary purpose behind a sleep study is to determine if patients have sleep apnea. It can also diagnose other sleep disorders or help patients who snore determine if the cause is due to an underlying sleep condition.

Who Is a Candidate for Testing?

If you have a hard time sleeping due to snoring or other sleep interruptions, you may be a candidate for a sleep study. Other candidates include those who suspect they have sleep apnea and are looking for confirmation.

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Benefits of Sleep Apnea Testing

For those with sleep apnea, each night of sleep can be dangerous. Sleep apnea causes patients to stop breathing for short moments throughout the night. This can cut off the supply of oxygen to your brain, which can lead to lasting damage. 

The first step in treating sleep apnea is a diagnosis. Sleep apnea is highly treatable, and there are several treatment options available. Because of the dangers of sleep apnea, testing is essential. Sleep apnea treatment will also help both you and your partner sleep easier. 

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Your Sleep Apnea Assessment

The first step of your sleep apnea assessment is a meeting with one of our sleep specialists. During this time, they will discuss your sleeping habits and any concerns you may have. They will also ensure that you are a candidate for a sleep assessment.

The sleep portion of the test is often performed in our office, or in some cases, it may be done at home. For those sleeping in our office, we ask that you bring everything you need to sleep comfortably in our testing beds. When you’re ready to fall, asleep electrodes will be placed on your head and scalp. While you are asleep, these electrodes will record information about your sleeping habits and muscle activity.

Once awake, patients can resume their regular schedule while waiting for their results. Once the provider has conclusive results, you will be called to return to the office.

Sleep Apnea Testing FAQ

Do I have to sleep in the office?

Most patients will be required to do so to get the most accurate results. In some cases, patients may perform the test at home, which can be discussed with your provider.

Is the equipment uncomfortable to sleep in?

Most patients do not have difficulty sleeping in the equipment after a brief adjustment period.

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