At South Florida ENT Associates, our audiologists can program your hearing aids to fit your unique needs. Our staff will also instruct you on how to care for your hearing aids and provide maintenance as needed so you continue to get the most out of your hearing aids. We offer our services to both patients who have just received their first hearing aids, or who have been using them for several years.

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How Our Providers Can Help

Hearing aids are designed to amplify the sounds around you so that you can hear more clearly. However, hearing aids are complex devices that need to be fine-tuned to the specific needs of those who are wearing them. Two patients may experience the same level of hearing loss, but their hearing aids may be programmed differently. 

What Some Programming Methods Include

Real-Ear Probe Microphones

Your audiologist may use a small probe to determine which sounds reach your eardrum while you are wearing your hearing aid. This allows the provider to fine-tune your hearing aid further.

Visible Speech Mapping

The audiologist can also use visible speech mapping (VSM) to determine the amount of amplification reaching your ear and adjust as needed.

Surround Sound

Your audiologist will use surround sound to mimic an outdoor environment to ensure you can hear in various settings. The system can mimic familiar outdoor sounds, including traffic and crowds from inside your provider’s office. Using your real-time feedback, they will be able to make adjustments to your noise reduction settings.

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Concerns Addressed at SFENTA

SFENTA can help a wide range of patients with their hearing aid concerns. Some of the most common concerns we address include:

  • Patients who need their hearing aids programmed for the first time
  • Patients who need their hearing aids adjusted after initial use 
  • Patients who would like their settings fine-tuned 
  • Patients who require maintenance for their hearing aids

Benefits of Hearing Aid Programming and Maintenance

Programming your hearing aids is a service that requires a deep level of care and understanding. Hearing aids are complex devices that should be tailored to fit your needs. Working with a highly-trained audiologist, you can ensure that your hearing aid settings will be personalized to your unique needs.

Working with SFENTA can also help patients get the most out of their hearing aids. We offer maintenance services, as well as re-programming, to ensure your hearing aids provide you with continuous support. 

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SFENTA is one of South Florida’s top-rated providers for hearing loss care. When you visit our offices, you’ll find the latest treatment options and a network of specialists unlike any other. We’ve made it our goal to provide each patient with:

Patient-Centered Care

Our providers will take the time to listen to your concerns, and will then carefully develop a customized treatment plan to address your specific needs.

Continuity of Care

We believe in finding long-term relief for our patients to allow them to get back to the activities they love.

A Network of Highly Trained Physicians

With a team of over 50 board-certified physicians and 40 allied providers, we’ve built an unrivaled provider network that is ready to address any ENT concerns you may have.

The Security of a Community Staple

With over 30 locations across South Florida, we’re always here for you.

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Your Hearing Aids Experience with SFENTA

SFENTA can help patients at any stage of the hearing loss journey. We provide hearing testing as well as treatment options. When you first visit our office for hearing aid programming, you will meet with one of our experienced audiologists. They will discuss what you’re hoping to achieve and will also go over any questions or difficulties with your hearing aids. After this, they will examine your hearing aids and begin programming or re-programming them to your specific settings. 

Hearing Aids FAQs

Who is a candidate?

All patients with hearing aids are candidates for our services. Whether this is your first experience with hearing aids or you’ve been using them for years, we’re able to help. We can also assist patients who require maintenance, or who would like an adjustment to their settings.

Can I purchase a hearing aid from SFENTA?

Yes. Visit our hearing aid page for more information on the hearing aids we offer.

With 37 convenient locations across the South Florida area, we’re never far away.

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