If you wear hearing aids but still have difficulty understanding others, the Maxum Middle Ear Implant may be the answer to your problem. Maxum is a unique implantable device that helps people with severe hearing loss on both sides hear once again by direct cochlear stimulation, providing more clarity while reducing feedback and occlusion. The result is a cleaner, crisper sound quality and more amplification without feedback, allowing for improved audibility and speech understanding.

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What is a middle ear implant?

A middle ear implant offers an alternative to conventional hearing aids and best suits people with mild-to-moderate mixed or conductive hearing loss. It could also assist those who have:

  • Earmould allergies
  • Skin problems in their ears
  • Outer ear infections
  • Narrow, collapsed, or closed ear canals
  • Malformed ears
  • Healing issues
  • Dexterity problems
  • Difficulty in keeping a bone-anchored hearing aid clean

A middle ear implant has an outer part or ‘processor’ and the surgically implanted internal piece. The processor transmits sound to the internal part, which is attached to one of the bones in the middle ear or near the membrane window of the cochlea, to pick up the sound from the processor. The implant directly moves the middle ear's bones or vibrates the cochlea's membrane window. Sounds are amplified by adding extra movement into the natural hearing pathway, relying on a working cochlea and hearing nerve.

The MAXUM System is a hearing implant with a small magnetic titanium device and an advanced sound processor. The implant is placed in the middle ear with a simple and minimally invasive procedure, and the sound processor is discreetly worn in your ear canal.

How does the Maxum middle ear implant work?

This device directly stimulates the inner ear by using magnetic power to move the patient’s hearing bones, allowing for improved hearing function. This is different from a hearing aid which uses sound signals to drive the eardrum, so it is prone to the squealing sound that interferes with hearing function. As such, the Maxum device will never squeal like a hearing aid.

Without the feedback issue, the Maxum device can deliver a much louder sound to the inner ear to help patients who are having trouble hearing with hearing aids. They will hear significantly better and more precisely than they would using a traditional hearing aid.

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What are the Maxum benefits?

Maxum is the best choice for people whose hearing loss is so severe on both sides that hearing aids are unsuitable. This loss happens when the inner ear or hearing nerve is damaged or dysfunctional, caused by:

  • Age-related hearing loss
  • Noise-induced hearing loss
  • Hearing loss due to trauma or inherited disorders

There are many benefits that Maxum can provide for candidates, the most significant benefit being that Maxum is speakerless. This is because the Maxum System uses an electromagnetic coil and implant, which directly drives the inner ear to “amplify” sounds providing cleaner, crisper sound quality. Another benefit is more amplification while reducing or eliminating feedback and occlusion. Minimizing occlusion allows the user’s voice to sound more natural and less hollow by not plugging or occluding the ear canal as traditional hearing aids do. Because the Maxum System produces electromagnetic energy instead of acoustic energy, feedback is reduced or eliminated without reducing gain.


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