Thyroid masses are growths that are found within the thyroid gland. They can be caused by overgrowth tissue, a cyst, an iodine deficiency, or in more rare cases, cancer. The expert team of providers at South Florida ENT Associates can help patients determine the cause and best form of treatment for thyroid masses. 

Treatment Options for Thyroid Masses

The first step in treating a thyroid mass is to have an evaluation to determine its cause and if it may be cancerous. Thyroid hormone therapy, radioactive iodine, and anti-thyroid medications can be used for treatment.

There is also a surgery available in which the masses are removed. This may be required if a thyroid mass is interfering with your ability to breathe or swallow normally. If the mass is found not to be cancerous and is not growing more prominent, no treatment is necessary.

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Why do Thyroid Masses Form?

The exact causes of thyroid masses are not known. There has been a link between thyroid growth and masses, as well as masses forming in those with a family history of thyroid masses and those without enough iodine. While the idea of an unexplained mass may be frightening, the cause is rarely due to cancer (less than 5% of thyroid masses are found to be cancerous). There are specific types of masses. These include:

Colloid Nodules

Colloid nodules develop when there is an overgrowth of thyroid tissue. They are non-cancerous growths, but can be quite large. However, they do not extend beyond the thyroid gland.

Thyroid Cysts

These types of growths can feel partially solid, although they are filled with fluid.

Inflammatory Nodules

These nodules can be painful, but are caused by prolonged inflammation of the thyroid.

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Symptoms of Thyroid Masses

The symptoms can vary based on the type of mass, but may include:

  • Hoarseness 
  • Pain around the neck or throat
  • Visible goiter
  • Difficulty swallowing or breathing
  • Vocal changes 

Your Treatment with SFENTA

SFENTA’s team of specialists has been helping patients across Florida find lasting relief from their ENT symptoms for over 30 years. During this time, we’ve grown considerably, and now have over 30 locations across Southern Florida. Our staff works hard to provide each patient with:

Patient-Centered Care

Our staff offers one-on-one care that ensures your feel heard and your needs addressed.

Continuity of Care

Our goal is to provide comprehensive care, which means ensuring we take care of all of your symptoms.

A Network of Highly Trained Physicians

With over 50 board-certified and fellowship-trained ENT providers, you can have total confidence in the quality of our treatment.

The Security of a Community Staple

We’ve been treating patients in the South Florida community for decades, so you can feel confident and comfortable in your decision to choose SFENTA.

Thyroid Masses FAQs

Who is at risk for thyroid masses?

Those at risk of thyroid masses include patients with a family history of thyroid masses, an iodine deficiency, chronic thyroid inflammation, or those with other thyroid conditions. Thyroid masses can affect patients of varying ages and backgrounds.

Are all thyroid masses visible?

No. While some thyroid masses will be visible, not all of them are.

If I begin to notice a growth, does it mean it is cancerous?

Not necessarily. Very rarely are thyroid masses cancerous. Cancer is found in less than 5% of thyroid masses.

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