What Ear Surgeries are Performed to Repair Structural Damage?

The type of surgery performed to address structural damage or malformation will depend on which area requires repair and what damage has occurred. The following types of surgeries are commonly performed to repair outer and middle ear structural concerns.

Ossicular Chain Reconstruction

This procedure reconstructs the eardrum and the middle ear bones. In some cases, all three middle ear bones are replaced. The eardrum (also called the tympanic membrane) is elevated and the very small bones (the ossicles) are examined. If the ossicles are in good condition, one bone will be removed, sculpted into the correct shape, and repositioned newly connect the ossicular chain.


In the middle ear, the stape is the bone that conducts the sound through the ear. If the stape doesn’t develop properly (common for patients with otosclerosis) or is damaged by the tissue around the stapes hardening, sound and vibration through the ears are affected. A stapedectomy is a surgical procedure that is designed to repair the function of the stape by replacing it with a prosthetic. 


A tympanoplasty repairs or replaces a damaged eardrum. The eardrum can be damaged by chronic ear infections or trauma to the ear. When this occurs, a tympanoplasty is required. During this surgery, the eardrum is repaired with a tissue graft, with the surgeon working through the ear canal. If the eardrum is significantly damaged, a tissue graft may be used to replace the entire eardrum. This surgery improves hearing while causing only minimal scarring.

Recovery After Ear Surgery

Full recovery after ear surgery will take a couple of months. Expect some ear pain or a headache and some slight dizziness for several days after the surgery. Your ear will also feel stuffed up or blocked. This feeling will improve as your ear heals and your doctor removes the gauze packing out of the ear canal and gently cleans it 1-2 weeks after surgery. There may be some drainage of bloody fluid from your ear for 1-3 days after the packing is removed.

You may notice that your hearing improves right away, but it typically takes 2-4 weeks before most patients notice a difference. Over the next two months, there are often further improvements in your hearing. 

During your healing period, avoid getting water in your ear, do not fly or scuba dive, and stay away from noisy areas, as your ears will initially be sensitive to noise. Do not exercise or lift anything heavy for 2-4 weeks.

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Who is a Candidate for Outer and Middle Ear Surgery?

Patients with structural damage to the outer or middle ear are candidates for a surgical procedure. Ideal candidates should meet the following requirements:

  • Are in good physical health
  • Have no serious medical concerns
  • Have structrual damage or malformations of the outer or middle ear
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Why Choose SFENTA for Outer or Middle Ear Surgery?

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