What is the Osia implant?

The Cochlear Osia System is the world’s first osseointegrated steady-state implant (OSI) to bypass non-functional areas of the natural hearing system and send sound directly to the cochlea. The Osia System is powered by Piezo Power™ transducer technology and a digital link that transfers 100% of the signal with minimal risk of interference. Powered by the Ardium™ Smart platform, the slender and off-the-ear sound processor features SmartSound® iQ signal processing and advanced wireless connectivity.

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How does the Osia implant work?

This device uses direct sound conduction, which does not require using the ear canal and middle ear structures. A titanium fixture is implanted directly into the skull and provides sound by bone conduction through the bone to the inner ear. Other standard external bone conduction devices must transmit sound through the skin and into the bone.

The Osia System technologies are specifically chosen and designed to work in and with the body. With no movement between parts, the technology delivers long-term performance and durability. The goal of the Osia System is to help you live your life without getting in the way while providing the performance you need to hear in noisy situations where you may struggle most.

Who is a good candidate for the Osia implant?

The Osia implant is specifically designed to meet the needs of patients with conductive hearing loss, mixed hearing loss, and single-sided deafness (SSD). Osia’s external processor is attached to the scalp when used and communicates to the internal device electromagnetically. When the external processor is taken off, no visible implant comes through the skin.

The Osia implant may be your best choice for improving your hearing if you have chronic ear infections. Chronic ear infections may make you unable to wear a standard hearing aid since it may worsen the infection. Since the Osia is implanted behind the ear and does not require the use of the ear canal, it is an ideal device for people who experience chronic ear infections in addition to hearing loss.

When patients have congenital ear canal and middle ear malformations, or congenital aural atresia, the hearing function cannot be repaired by reconstructive surgery. Additionally, a standard hearing aid may not be usable because the ear canal is unsuitable for such a design. In most cases, Osia can allow these patients to hear.

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What are the benefits of the Osia implant?

There are several benefits to choosing the Osia implant if you decide that a cochlear implant is right for you. The most significant benefit would be that the Osia implant bypasses damaged areas of the natural hearing system and sends sound directly to the cochlea to optimize power transfer and deliver sound quality by using a digital link between the implant and sound processor. This connection provides innovative two-way communication that transfers 100% of the signal regardless of the coil-to-coil distance and without risk of interference.

Osia’s external processor is attached to the scalp when used and communicates to the internal device electromagnetically. No visible implant comes through the skin when the external processor is taken off. Many people consider this aesthetic benefit one of Osia’s defining features.

Another significant benefit is the Osia smart app. The smart app lets you easily customize your sound experience by managing, monitoring, and controlling your sound processor to ensure you’re hearing your best. From your compatible Apple® or Android™ device, you can quickly and easily:

  • Change programs
  • Initiate wireless streaming
  • Adjust your volume, treble, and bass
  • Save custom settings for your favorite locations
  • Help find your lost sound processor
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Why choose South Florida ENT Associates for an Osia implant?

If the Osia implant seems like the right choice for your hearing loss and concerns, South Florida ENT Associates should be your first choice for receiving the implant. We provide genuine one-on-one care for both children and adults, with 1,000,000 patients treated in over 30 years in practice. At South Florida ENT Associates, our otolaryngologists and ENT specialists address a wide range of conditions so you can access comprehensive care for all of your concerns in a single visit and make your health a top priority.

With 37 convenient locations across the South Florida area, we’re never far away.

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