The examination is called a “laryngoscopy”, and allows the provider to get a deeper look at the back of the throat and voice box. The procedure is often performed on patients experiencing difficulty swallowing, vocal changes, prolonged coughing, trouble breathing, persistent bad breath, or lasting pain in the throat.

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How Endoscopic Inspection Is Performed

An endoscopic inspection of the throat or voice box is performed using an endoscope. An endoscope is a long thin tool that has a small light and camera attached to one end. It can be inserted into the nose or mouth and gently moved down through the throat.

During the procedure, numbing medication is used to keep you relaxed and ensure the endoscope can be easily inserted. When the instrument is first inserted, you may experience some discomfort or begin to cough, but the numbing will help stop this. For most patients, the endoscopic inspection can be performed in just a few minutes, depending on the type of procedure.

What Conditions Can an Endoscopic Inspection be Used For?

At SFENTA, our providers use an endoscopic inspection to have a closer look at the throat and voice box. The procedure can help them detect certain medical conditions or abnormalities.

Our providers will often utilize this exam for patients experiencing the following symptoms:

  • Recurring throat pain or cough 
  • Chronic bad breath 
  • Unexplained vocal changes
  • Difficulty breathing or swallowing 

An endoscopic examination of the vocal cords or voice box can also be performed in order to remove growths. Patients may also benefit from the examination after digital imaging to assess the area further.

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Benefits of Endoscopic Inspection 

An endoscopic examination can help providers determine the underlying cause of your symptoms. The service can be performed in our offices and requires no downtime or recovery. For most patients, the exam is complete within 30 minutes. It can also be used as a treatment to remove polyps or abnormal growths found inside the throat or voice box for some patients.

Who Is a Candidate for the Procedure?

When you visit SFENTA, you will have the opportunity to discuss your symptoms and medical history with one of our providers. They will determine if you are a good candidate for an endoscopic throat or voice box examination. If you are not a candidate, they may recommend a different path.

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Your Inspection Experience

Once you are determined to be a good candidate for the procedure, your provider will discuss some guidelines you should follow before the inspection. This includes stopping certain types of medication and avoiding eating or drinking for a few hours before the procedure.

This is an outpatient procedure that is performed at most of our locations. The first step is a numbing medication to keep the throat relaxed and make the insertion easier. Once the endoscope is inserted, images will be taken of your throat and voice box. After this, the endoscope is removed, and your provider can discuss their findings.

Endoscopic Inspection FAQs

How long does the procedure take?

For most patients, the procedure can be completed in 30 minutes or less.

Is the insertion process painful?

No. You may experience some discomfort, but you will be given numbing medication to make it as painless as possible.

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