Ear hygiene and wax removal are essential parts of maintaining healthy ears. The ears help us hear and keep our balance, but can sometimes become clogged due to excess wax. When too much wax has built up, it can lead to pain or the ears feeling full, and can impact your hearing ability. When this occurs, professional ear hygiene or wax removal may be recommended.

Hygiene and Wax Removal Treatment

Many people use a cotton swab to remove wax from their ears without knowing that this can cause wax or other particles to be moved deeper into the ears. This can lead to ear infections, eardrum ruptures, or even hearing loss. While cotton swabs can sometimes help, it’s essential to have an experienced provider perform deeper ear cleaning when needed.

SFENTA offers multiple treatment methods to remove wax and cleanse the ears. The first method is to use a curet, which is a small curved tool. When used inside the ear, the curve of the curet can latch onto the wax and gently remove it. Another method is removal through suction or with the use of water. Your physician may use a WaterPik® or a syringe filled with water to flush the wax out.

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Conditions Treated through Wax Removal or Cleaning

Those who are experiencing pain or fullness in their ears may benefit from ear wax removal and cleaning. Patients with a natural overproduction of wax, a significant buildup, or those who have not been clearing their ears correctly may also benefit from treatment.

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Benefits of Earwax Removal

  • Ear pain or pressure relief
  • May stop earaches or infections
  • Can help stop ringing in the ears
  • Relieve hearing loss caused by excess wax

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SFENTA is South Florida’s premier destination for ENT care and state-of-the-art treatment. For over 30 years, we’ve been providing patients with comprehensive care personalized to their unique symptoms.  Our goal is to provide each patient with:

Patient-Centered Care

Our providers take the time to listen to your concerns, ensuring your needs receive the attention they deserve.

Continuity of Care

Our physicians believe in finding long-term care solutions that address each of the symptoms impacting your life.

A Network of Highly Trained Physicians

We’ve built a provider network staffed with professionals from all corners of ENT care. This ensures you’re always seeing a provider who is experienced in your area of concern.

The Security of a Community Staple

SFENTA has become part of the South Florida community, so you can always rest assured that we’ll be there for you.

Who is a Candidate for Ear Hygiene and Wax Removal?

Those who have experienced fullness, pressure, or pain in the ears may be candidates. Patients who have not been cleaning their ears for an extended period or cleaning incorrectly may also be candidates. 

If you need a deeper cleaning of your ears, you should seek a medical professional. Performing the treatment at home may lead to damage of the eardrum or hearing loss when performed incorrectly.

Your Treatment Experience

Before treatment, your provider will examine your ears to evaluate which cleaning method is best for your specific condition. 

The treatment will be performed in our office and should take a short amount of time to complete. Afterward, you will begin to experience immediate relief, and any pain or pressure should be relieved. Many patients find relief after one treatment, but more than one treatment may be required for optimal results.

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Should I always remove earwax?

No. Earwax is removed by the body naturally. It is designed to protect and lubricate the ears while keeping water and foreign particles out.

When should I receive professional cleaning and wax removal treatment?

If you’re experiencing pain or fullness in the ears or notice a buildup of wax, it may be necessary to seek treatment. Our providers will evaluate your ears and determine if treatment is needed.

Does SFENTA accept all forms of insurance?

SFENTA accepts most forms of insurance. For specific information on the types of insurance accepted and treatments covered, contact our office.

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