If your polyps do not improve with medical therapy or are particularly large, nasal polyp surgery may be necessary for lasting relief. When SFENTA physicians perform endoscopic nasal polyp surgery, they have two primary objectives: they aim to remove the existing polyps and correct any issues contributing to inflammation and polyp development.

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Endoscopic Surgery

Endoscopic surgery is capable of removing small amounts of bone, material, and polyps blocking the sinus openings. It involves inserting a thin, lighted tool into the nose so the doctor can see and remove the blockage without external incisions. In some cases, a laser may be used instead. The procedure can be performed in your doctor’s office under local or general anesthesia. The entire process will take between 30 and 90 minutes.

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Sinus Surgery

If you’re suffering from a severe infection, brain abscess, or pus in the sinuses, you may require traditional sinus surgery. This procedure typically requires admission to a hospital and involves an incision inside the mouth or an external cut through the facial skin.

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Do I Need Sinus Surgery?

Surgery is not a common treatment for chronic sinusitis; however, you may require the procedure if all of the following statements are true of your condition:

  • You have been diagnosed with chronic sinusitis
  • Your symptoms persist after antibiotics, steroid nasal sprays, and prescription medications
  • Your CT scan reveals that nasal polyps or another physical blockage are preventing sinus drainage

Benefits of Endoscopic Nasal Polyp Surgery

  • Improved breathing function
  • Lasting relief from polyps
  • No incisions; the procedure is performed entirely inside the nose
  • Less scarring when compared to traditional sinus surgery


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Your Procedure

Nasal polyp surgery is performed to remove polyps and correct issues within the sinuses that increase their susceptibility to inflammation and polyp development. The technique is endoscopic, which means your surgeon will insert a thin, lighted instrument to gain visibility into the sinuses. They will then use small surgical tools to remove the polyps and correct any other obstructions. Immediately after your procedure, you will be moved to the recovery room for a few hours, where you will be monitored closely.

Your Recovery

The procedure to remove nasal polyps is performed on an outpatient basis. As such, you will be free to return home the same day to begin the recovery process. You will need to use a saline rinse and rest for approximately two weeks to promote healing. Most patients experience a marked improvement in their symptoms after having surgery to remove nasal polyps. However, they occasionally grow back within a few years. When this occurs, a repeat procedure may be necessary.

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Nasal Polyps & Chronic Sinusitis FAQ

Is there a way to prevent polyps after surgery?

It’s very common for nasal polyps to return after surgery. However, there are steps you can take to prevent a recurrence. Regular saline rinses, avoiding dust and pollution, and using an air purifier and humidifier can decrease irritation for some people. In addition, your doctor may recommend the routine use of a corticosteroid spray moving forward.

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