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When is a CT scan of the sinuses necessary?

A CT scan of the sinuses is often recommended for patients suffering from chronic sinusitis symptoms. This imaging test can help your doctor:

  • Identify the cause of your sinus and nasal symptoms
  • Look for problems and diseases affecting the sinuses
  • Plan for endoscopic sinus surgery

When is a CT scan of the temporal bones necessary?

The temporal bones are located on the sides and base of the skull. A CT scan of these structures may be ordered to:

  • Evaluate patients with hearing loss
  • Identify the cause of chronic ear infections
  • Diagnose middle and inner ear diseases
Sinus CT Imaging

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The benefits of in-office CT scans

SFENTA™ is proud to feature MiniCAT in-office CT scanners. Our innovative scanners are associated with many benefits when compared to traditional CT scanners, including:

  • Quick, 20-second scan
  • The entire appointment takes just 5 minutes
  • The lowest dose of radiation available
  • No risk of claustrophobia

What to expect during your CT scan

Upon arrival to your SFENTA™ office, your technician will take you to a private treatment room where you will sit upright in a chair. He or she will place a lead apron to protect your body and ask you to remove earrings, jewelry and any hearing aids.

Your head will then be positioned inside the scanner. The MiniCAT scanner is an open device, so there is no risk of the claustrophobia that is common during traditional CT scans. Once the machine is turned on, the scan takes just 20 seconds and uses the lowest dose of radiation possible.

Your entire appointment will last about five minutes, at which point you will be free to return to work and resume your normal daily routine.

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CT imaging can reveal problems deep within your sinuses and temporal bones and ensure that you receive the targeted treatments you need. Contact SFENTA™ today to schedule an appointment.

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