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A routine process after Sinus Surgery

After sinus surgery to remove a blockage and treat chronic sinusitis, most patients experience residual drainage, bleeding and discomfort. When this occurs, your surgeon may suction and clean your nose with a post-operative procedure called debridement.

Debridement is a routine part of your recovery from endoscopic sinus surgery. Once your doctor has removed the crust, clots and scabs, your nose and sinuses will be able to heal properly.

How important is post-operative debridement?

Debridement is a vital part of your sinus surgery and recovery. It relieves persistent and recurrent sinus disease and ensures an optimal healing process.

Debridement Post Sinus Surgery FL

What to expect at your first appointment

You will have at least two debridement procedures in the first two weeks after surgery. Your doctor will begin by numbing your nose with a local anesthetic. From there, he or she will suction out the drainage, crusts, clots and more. If any scar tissue is present, that will be removed as well.

Although the process may be slightly uncomfortable, most of our patients are able to tolerate it well. After your debridement, you will be instructed to continue rinsing with saline regularly to lubricate the mucus membranes.

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