What to Expect at Your First VNG Test

Your VNG exam will take place in the comfort of our office. Throughout the appointment, you will wear goggles that monitor and record eye movement while your doctor performs the following tests:

1. Sensory system. You will be asked to walk and stand in a variety of conditions while opening and closing your eyes. This will determine how well your balancing systems are operating. During this portion of the exam, it’s common to lose your balance.

2. Ocular motor. A light will move quickly in different directions directly in front of or inside your goggles, and you will be instructed to follow it with your eyes. You may feel dizzy during this process.

3. Positional. During this portion of the test, you will move your head and body in different directions and positions, alternating with your eyes open and closed. You may experience dizziness and vertigo.

4. Caloric. The final part of the exam will involve lying on your back while your doctor delivers air and water of varying temperatures into your ear canal. This process will stimulate the vestibular response in each ear so your doctor can determine if the organs are functioning properly and whether one system is weaker than the other. This test is likely to cause dizziness and vertigo.

Your VNG Results

The results of your VNG test will determine if your dizziness symptoms are caused by an inner ear abnormality. From there, your ENT will be able to make a definitive diagnosis and recommend treatment options.

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