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Hearing loss can be connected to a variety of medical concerns ranging from mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety, to physical ailments such as allergies or tumors. Whatever is causing your hearing loss, a reduced ability to hear the world around you can be frustrating and even dangerous. Untreated hearing loss worsens your quality of life and may even make your medical concerns worse. However, as hearing loss is often gradual, not everyone notices when they begin to lose their hearing. We’ve compiled together some telltale signs of hearing loss to help let you know when it may be time to seek treatment.

  1. It often feels like people around you are mumbling. If it begins to feel like everybody around you is failing to enunciate or speak loudly enough, it’s possible that their speech isn’t the problem. It could be your lack of hearing that is making it hard for you to understand what they are saying?
  2. You have to ask people to repeat themselves often. Sometimes people may feel like they have to ask someone to repeat what they just said because they were simply not paying attention. This can actually be a sign of hearing loss. Take note if this frequently happens when you are unable to see a person’s face and lips when they are talking. Visual cues can help us decipher speech, but without them, we rely on our hearing. If you are unable to understand what someone is saying without visual indicators, you may be experiencing hearing loss.
  3. Your volume on electronic devices is higher than most. If others comment that your TV or music is too loud and this is not noticeable to you, it may be because you are unable to hear properly. These days some electronic devices such as phones or headphones can give you alerts that your volume levels are higher than normal. This can be a helpful way to let you know that your hearing is compromised, as you require louder sound than most people to be able to hear.
  4. You have difficulty hearing when there is background noise. Some people have trouble hearing when there is a lot of noise in the background, for example, at a restaurant or a social event. You may think that this is because the background noise is distracting or too loud. However, your inability to understand others or hear sounds in these noisy or busy environments may be because your hearing may be compromised.
  5. People tell you that you can’t hear. Sometimes other people are the most helpful tools when it comes to telling us things we can’t notice. If your loved ones tell you that you are unable to properly hear them or things around you, take their comments and concerns seriously. 

    Check your hearing at South Florida ENT Associates

    To ultimately know if you are experiencing hearing loss, book an appointment with our ENT specialists in Miami area to complete a hearing test. We will examine you and listen to your concerns, as well as thoroughly discuss your medical history and any other symptoms you may be experiencing. If any of these signs apply to you, or you are concerned about your hearing, request an appointment through our website today.

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