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Over the years, hearing loss has become an increasingly common condition, with one in three individuals over the age of 65 suffering from the condition. Thankfully, cochlear implants can now help hearing loss sufferers overcome their issues. One of the main issues that patients face when attempting to secure these life-changing devices is also one of the most common misconceptions: cochlear implants are too costly and are not covered by insurance. While it is true that hearing aids are often not covered, Medicare and most insurance plans usually cover cochlear implants.

At South Florida ENT Associates, we do everything in our power to make sure that our patients are well-informed about treatments and insurance coverage. Having changed the lives of countless patients with cochlear implants, we take every opportunity to help patients acquire this remarkable technology. 

Assessing the Cost with Insurance

The first step to determining how much cochlear implants will cost is to undergo a hearing evaluation by a hearing specialist who is well-versed in hearing solutions, such as hearing implant devices. Before finding out whether you are eligible for insurance coverage, you must first prove that you are medically qualified for the device based on your current condition. If it is determined that you are a candidate for the implants, the next step is to contact your health insurance provider and request information regarding how to obtain approval for the implants. Your ENT will aid you in submitting the required paperwork and estimating your out-of-pocket expenses.

Support Team

As the cost of cochlear implants varies greatly depending on each individual’s specific health plan, the steps that follow are decided by the patient, their insurance provider, and their doctor. It goes without saying that dealing with insurance companies can be overwhelming. Thankfully, Cochlear provides patients access to a pre-surgical Insurance Support Team that can help them obtain insurance approval or make an appeal in cases where they are denied coverage. 

Prioritizing Your Health and Quality of Life

Cochlear implants come with life-changing benefits that are far too important to let slip away due to insurance issues. Patients who are struggling with hearing loss should take the first step toward solutions by scheduling an appointment with a qualified ENT practitioner. These specialists can carry out a thorough assessment to help you determine if the implants are right for you and your unique needs. After being deemed qualified for this surgical intervention, the patient will then be able to request coverage from their insurance provider. 

At SFENTA, we provide our patients with guidance throughout this process. We will give you all the information you need to present to your insurance company, ensuring the best possible outcomes for coverage. 

What is the Takeaway? 

While most patients believe that cochlear implants are not covered by insurance, the truth is that they often are. Provided that the patient is deemed medically qualified for the surgery, the vast majority of insurance providers will cover it. That said, it is vital that patients choose a reputable ENT doctor to carry out their assessment and ensure a positive outcome. 

The team at South Florida ENT Associates has years of experience in helping patients overcome their hearing issues. Get started on your hearing journey today by reaching out to us and setting up a consultation. 

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