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Upon its discovery in 1928, penicillin became the world's first mass-produced drug that could clear up a bacterial infection. Before penicillin, anything from a paper cut to childbirth could be the death of an individual. Today there are several antibiotics in the penicillin class, allowing the drug to save countless lives.

Like any medication, some patients may experience an adverse reaction when taking penicillin. However, less than 1% of people are dangerously allergic to penicillin. If you have been told that you are allergic to this antibiotic, it may be time to re-evaluate.

Here are a few stats:
- 10% of patients report being allergic to penicillin, less than 1% truly are
- 80% of patients previously allergic to penicillin grow out of their sensitivity within 10 years
- 90% of patients who retest for a penicillin allergy yielded a negative outcome

Correcting a diagnosis may also help overcome multidrug-resistant bacteria due to overtreatment with broad-spectrum antibiotics. 

Good news is testing is fast and easy. A simple skin test can be administered at your
doctor's office, and within 15-20 minutes, you and your physician will have an up-to-date and
accurate account of your penicillin allergy. Don't let a dated penicillin allergy diagnosis control your life and health. The outcome could open a world of life-saving medications the next time you experience a bacterial infection.

In cases where skin testing is not possible or is inconclusive, blood tests can be used to measure the levels of antibodies to penicillin in the bloodstream. However, these tests are less sensitive than skin testing and may produce false-positive results in some individuals.

It is important to note that a negative result on penicillin allergy testing does not necessarily mean that a person is not allergic to penicillin. In rare cases, a person may still develop an
allergic reaction to penicillin even after a negative allergy test. Therefore, it is important for
individuals who have a history of penicillin allergy to inform their healthcare providers of their allergy and to avoid penicillin and other related antibiotics whenever possible.

At South Florida ENT Associates we offer a range of treatment options for patients with
allergies, including immunotherapy, medication management, and lifestyle modifications. Our
team of healthcare providers work closely with patients to develop a personalized treatment plan that addresses their specific allergy needs.

We are committed to providing the highest quality care to our patients, utilizing the latest testing and treatment methods to ensure the most accurate and effective outcomes. If you are looking for comprehensive allergy testing and treatment services, we invite you to schedule an
appointment with one of our providers.

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