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Join us on the journey to better hearing with these tips from Dr. Sherry Rauh! Dr. Rauh is a former medical journalist who discovered her passion for audiology after writing about treatments for severe hearing loss. She earned her doctorate in audiology from Nova Southeastern University and her interests include cochlear implants, hearing aids, positional vertigo, and tinnitus.

Did you hear? Practicing safe listening and using ear plugs is one of the best ways to protect your hearing! Dr. Rauh gives expert level advice on how to do so.

Dr. Rauh, audiologist at SFENTA

The first signs of hearing loss may manifest as missing parts of words, challenges in perceiving sounds amid background noise, and needing the television or radio to be louder. Take proactive steps towards better hearing health today with help from an experienced audiologist like Dr. Rauh who has been with South Florida ENT Associates since 2015.

Dr. Rauh, audiologist at SFENTA

Early detection is key to preventing the negative effects later in life. Schedule a hearing test to catch any issues before they worsen. Dr. Rauh and our audiology team is dedicated to providing personalized solutions for your hearing needs.

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