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If you suffer from a constant runny nose or severe congestion, you will do just about anything for some relief. Perhaps you've already tried all the medications and nasal sprays but to no avail, and you’re not alone. Millions of Americans suffer from nasal obstruction and rhinitis - a consistent runny nose that can affect one's sleep and cause sinus infections and post-nasal drip. 

We have some good news. Relief is possible. At South Florida ENT Associates, we are excited to announce two new procedures to help alleviate your sinus issues. The RhinAer and VivAer procedures, ablate intra-nasal lesions to improve your symptoms and overall quality of life. 

RhinAer uses low-temperature radiofrequency energy that disrupts the nerves signaling the runny nose without affecting the surrounding tissues. The procedure is safe and easy, and there is little to no downtime.

For patients who suffer from chronic congestion, South Florida ENT offers VivAer treatments to help you breathe more easily. Minimally invasive, VivAer is a small, narrow stylus that is gently placed into the nose to open the nasal airways with radiofrequency energy. This procedure minimizes swollen passageways and helps to resolve nasal obstruction.

RhinAer and VivAer are both non-surgical options to help alleviate your sinus drip or congestion. Sina A. Joorabchi, DO, FAAOA, is one of our Board-Certified ENT physicians, and recently celebrated the completion of over 200 cases with each product. If a drippy nose or congestion has negatively affected your day-to-day life, contact Dr. Joorabchi's office to find out if RhinAer or VivAer are right for you.

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