About Allergy Treatments at South Florida ENT Associates in Hollywood, FL

Upon re-exposure to an allergen, the immune system quickly identifies it and triggers various responses. These can include tissue damage, blood vessel expansion, and the production of inflammatory elements like histamine. 

Histamine is responsible for common allergy symptoms such as sore eyes that itch and water, facial pressure due to nasal or sinus blockage, headaches, sneezing fits accompanied by scratchy throats plus hives with difficulty in breathing, among other signs including unsteadiness when standing up, skin inflammation like eczema; lung irritation leading to asthma attacks.

Allergy Testing in Hollywood, FL

Are you experiencing allergies but uncertain of the diagnosis? Look no further - one of our experienced allergists in Hollywood, FL, are ready to help. We offer a plethora of allergy testing options for your convenience. A few varieties we provide include:

Drug Allergy Testing

Drug allergy testing is a great way to discover which medications are safe for you and prevent harm from any unsafe. Various techniques, like skin prick tests, patch testing, oral challenges, and more, can help safeguard your health while ensuring you don't miss out on beneficial drugs due to unfounded worries.

Food Allergy Testing

We offer three testing options: a skin prick test, blood testing, or an elimination diet where specific foods are slowly reintroduced back into your lifestyle. Our staff can provide the best assessment for your individual needs and prevent any future discomfort due to unknown sources of allergens.

Environmental allergy testing

Have you been experiencing relentless, uncomfortable symptoms due to environmental allergens? We offer environmental allergy testing to help discover the source of your discomfort. We inject a tiny amount of allergen beneath the skin and observe any reaction or symptom that may occur from common sources such as pollen, pet dander, dust mites & mold. 

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Available Allergy Treatments at South Florida ENT Associates

  • Biologic therapy: this therapy offers a promising avenue for treating diverse conditions of the immune system, such as hives, eczema, asthma, nasal polyps, and chronic rhinosinusitis. With its precise ability to target specific components of the immune system that are associated with continuous inflammation in these diseases, biologic therapy provides an effective means to reduce symptoms and improve quality of life. 
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  • Allergy shots:  For long-term relief from your allergy symptoms, consider Allergy Drops. This form of immunotherapy uses the allergen itself to help reduce sensitivity towards it. The drops are specifically tailored to you and can easily be taken by placing just a few drops beneath your tongue. Over time, these allergy drops will give you much-needed comfort without relying on medication or unnecessary products that do not solve the root cause of allergies.
  • Allergy drops: Allergy Drops are an innovative form of immunotherapy that utilizes your very same allergies to help you achieve relief from symptoms. The drops, tailored specifically for the allergens that affect you, can be taken by placing a few underneath the tongue - and with time, they could make all the difference in helping you battle uncomfortable allergy-related issues.
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