About Allergy Treatments at SFENTA 

When an allergen enters the body, our immune system instantly identifies it, which triggers a series of responses. These reactions frequently involve: 

  • Tissue destruction
  • Blood vessel enlargement

Production of numerous inflammatory materials, including histamine, that causes familiar allergy signs such as: 

    • Watery eyes
    • Sneezing
    • Headaches
    • Scratchy throat 
    • Hives

    Other unusual symptoms include balance disturbances, skin irritation, and respiratory difficulties. 

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    What are the Treatments for Allergies?

    Allergies can be an irritating problem to deal with, but luckily, treatments are available that can help provide relief. 

    Allergy shots are a popular treatment that works by gradually increasing the dosage of the allergen until it is tolerated. 

    • Allergy shots are a popular treatment that works by gradually increasing the dosage of the allergen until it is tolerated. 
    • Allergy drops offer an alternative and more convenient form of immunotherapy – customized drops of the allergen are placed beneath the tongue and can provide long-term results.
    • Biologic therapy is a specialized treatment that targets the root cause of your discomfort by specifically targeting components of the immune system that contribute to chronic inflammation. Biologic therapy treats a wide range of conditions associated with long-term inflammation, from hives and eczema to asthma and nasal polyps.

    If you suffer from allergies, one of these treatments may provide the relief you need.

    Allergy Testing in Boca Raton

    Are you unsure if you may have an allergy? Our well-trained allergists in Boca Raton can help provide answers through reliable testing methods. We offer a variety of tests that will allow us to confidently diagnose any potential allergies, including:

    Drug Allergy Testing in Boca Raton

    Drug allergy testing is an essential step to identify any medications that could be hazardous for you so that you don't needlessly avoid beneficial ones. Various techniques are available such as skin prick tests, patch tests, oral challenges, and more - all of which can help guarantee your safety when taking medication.

    Food Allergy Testing

    Our team can assess food allergies with a skin prick test, blood testing, or an elimination diet in which items are removed from your daily eating habits and then carefully added back.

    Environmental Allergy Testing

    Our knowledgeable staff utilizes a specialized allergy test to detect the presence of common allergens, such as pollen, pet dander, dust mites, and mold. The process involves administering a small dose of allergen beneath the skin and observing any reaction that may ensue. With this comprehensive testing 

    Biologic Therapy

    Biologic therapy is a powerful treatment for various conditions that involve the immune system, such as hives and eczema, asthma, nasal polyps, and chronic rhinosinusitis. What's more extraordinary about this form of therapy is its ability to specifically target immune system components to end persistent inflammation quickly and effectively.

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    Can Allergies Be Managed?

    Allergies are far from innocuous. They can lead to lost workdays, diminished productivity at the office or school, and a lowered quality of living. Consequently, it's clear that allergies aren't something that should be taken lightly - they have immense potential to affect our quality of life if not managed properly.

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      For some allergy sufferers, symptoms may come and go throughout the year, while others experience discomfort all-year round. To get relief from allergies, combining different approaches at once is essential. This includes avoiding contact with known allergens, receiving shots for allergies, using nasal decongestant sprays, or taking medications prescribed by your doctor.

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